Chinese Horoscope 2020 - Year of the Yin Wood Goat

Chinese Horoscope 2020 - Year of the Yin Wood Goat

On February 19, 2020 will begin the year of the Yin Wood Goat and it will end on February 7, 2020. The Goat with its Wood energy speaks to us of duration, communion, of nature. The Goat is the mother of nature, which means that it will be a beneficial year for the world, nature and people. Order and nature will prevail, to preserve our planet from the ravages of industry and pollution. We must unite and fight to preserve nature and live in harmony, so that order in the world is restored. Survival will be a priority.

The goat aims to create an altruistic, refined, practical but daring, creative, imaginative world. His image is sweet and cheerful. I also know the relationship with earth energy.

AND your wood energy will try to control the emotions, so as not to be affected. It is the liver that suffers and it becomes ill when we feel envious, jealous, bad. It must be avoided.

This climate will favor harmony in home, social life, friends, progress in relationships. They will want to share with their loved ones and friends and have a good time. For couples it will be a year of harmony, weddings, reconciliations ... The restructuring of families will be necessary because of the way of life we ​​lead. There is going to be a boom in international adoptions.

A danger will be the domestic accidentsBe careful because it will be a year prone to them.

The idea of ​​living better and getting a quality of lifeAll food companies and organic crops will be booming. Most people will try their best to improve their quality of life and change their lifestyle: healthy life, more exercise, balanced and healthy diets and a turn towards spirituality. More and more there are people who do Yoga, TaiChi, Meditation ... It will be a necessity, to find balance and serenity. We all go in search of happiness.

Personally We must put our five senses in everything that happens around us, so that nothing escapes us, since mistakes will pay dearly.

The Goat is artistic by nature, therefore everything that has to do with it artistic world will be very active and artists very inspired and creative. A lot of production and it will make a lot of money. New trends and styles will appear. The artists are going to innovate and their work is going to be transcendent.

This year will be calm, conciliatory, there will be no wars and those that are started will end. Politicians will do everything possible to activate trade and solve financial problems. Manufacturers and entrepreneurs will do the same to activate production and sales. It is about activating the economies and making everything work out positively.

Also they researchers they will go further in their investigations and discoveries. Athletes will want to do their best, to be at 100% and climb their marks.

He Petroleum and the energy crisis will continue to deplete the wells to supply itself and looking for new wells to supply civilized countries.

In politics It will be essential to know how to choose our leaders, so that they are human and with a vision of the future, because there will be fewer and fewer resources in the world and more intercultural exchange. It will be increasingly difficult to maintain balance on the planet.

The energy of Yin Wood will bring us winds. It will be a year of Tsunamis, earthquakes, epidemics ... People and the situation will favor the appearance of diseases, depressions, tumors, viruses, epic problems, diabetes, pancreas, skin ...

New thinkers and new ideas will emerge. People will be restless and unconsciously, their spirit of survival, will make them think and seek solutions to everything.

See also the elements of each of the signs:

  • Rat: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Ox or Buffalo: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Tiger: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Hare or Cat or Rabbit: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Snake: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Dragon: Metal, Water, Fire, Made, Earth.
  • Horse: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Goat or Sheep: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Monkey: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Rooster: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Dog: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.
  • Pig or Wild Boar: Metal, Water, Fire, Wood, Earth.

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