Oxford Nanopore Technologies expansion

Oxford Nanopore Technologies expansion

Oxford Nanopore Technologies expands its Oxford headquarters and opens a new facility in Cambridge

Oxford Nanopore Technologies, a new developer of technologies for the electronic detection and analysis of individual molecules using nanopores, has stated that it will expand its headquarters in Oxford and open a new computing facility in the city of Cambridge, UK.

The new infrastructure will further enhance Oxford Nanopore's business development following the £ 25 million fundraiser it recently completed. The Nanopore headquarters has been expanded from 930 m2 to 1,580 m2 by adding a new space at Florey House in Oxford Science Park, which is an addition to the current offices and laboratories of Edmund Cartwright House. The new computer station at Chesterford Research Park in Cambridge will provide an additional base for the Nanopore computer team.

The company has collaboration and license agreements with UCSC, Harvard and the University of Oxford. Nanopore is funded by the funding programs of the laboratories of these institutions in order to improve the study of the detection of nanopores.


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