15 cute phrases for friendship day

15 cute phrases for friendship day

Cute friendship phrases

He day when friendship is celebrated is yet to come, friends are the best treasure we have throughout our lives, so it is never a bad thing to remind them how important they are. Here I leave you these phrases that you can share with them that will surely make their day.A true friend is the one who takes your hand and touches your heart. -Gabriel García Márquez Click To Tweet The true friend is the one who is by your side when they would rather be elsewhere. -Len Wein Click To Tweet True friendship is one that remains by your side even when you have nothing left to offer except your company. Click To Tweet Friendship is harder and rarer than love. Therefore, we must save as. -Alberto Moravia Click To Tweet Don't look perfect for your friend. Find him friend. -José Narosky Click To Tweet I want to be your strength in your weakness, I want to be your support and I can count on you. Click To Tweet Our friendship does not depend on things like space and time. -Richard Bach Click To Tweet Best friends are like stars, although you don't always see each other, you know they're there. Click To Tweet A true friend is like blood, who goes to the wound without being called. Click to tweet

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