Meaning of name Arcadio

Meaning of name Arcadio

Arcadio, masculine name of Greek origin "Arkadios", its meanings"He who is from Arcadia"(Formerly central part of Greece in the Peloponnese region) and is also defined as"He who is blissful"

Arcadia, in Greek mythology god of nature and the patron of the shepherds.

History and the Saint

Saint Arcadius, martyr. He was born in Osuna, in Betica in the 1st century; During Diocletian's bloody persecutions of the Christians, he fled to the mountains, but one of his relatives was arrested and when he found out he decided to appear in court asking for the freedom of his family. By refusing to worship pagan idols, his relative was released, but he was imprisoned and cruelly tortured. He suffered martyrdom in Mauritania in Caesarea during the reign of Emperor Trajan.
His Saint is celebrated on January 12.

Other Santos Arcadio: San Arcadio, bishop and martyr is celebrated on March 4 and San Arcadio, martyr on November 13.

Arcadian variant

Arcadio in other languages, Catalan: Arcadi;French: Arcadian; Italian: Arcadio. Female: Arcadia

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Arcadio:

  • Jose Arcadio Limón, was born in Mexico in 1908; a great dancer and choreographer in modern dance in his country.

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