Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android

How to use Google Maps for Android

According to the author of this Washington Post article, the Google Maps app for Android is one of the most useful programs ever offered for any platform. And these are some of the utility of the application that makes it make such a strong claim.

The first thing you see when you open this application is a flashing arrow that indicates our location on a map of the area where we are. The “+” and “-” signs can also be used as zoom buttons. As we zoom in, more details emerge, such as street and site names. If the site is a business, government agency or similar, you can click on them to go to the site page and obtain more information and options such as Navigate (turn-by-turn or with voice-activated directions), How to get there (you can choose between car, public transport, bicycle or on foot), Call, Street View, Buzz (Google social network and messaging tool), Share (by email, Facebook, etc.), Add as a contact or Report a problem (to correct any incorrect information).

A place can be Bookmarked for later reference. The More information section leads to a Google page with links to the site's website or other relevant results. Type or speak your search term to find places (clickable red pins) in a neighborhood. You can switch between a list and a map view.

Getting there is especially useful when trying to find our way to a site in a new area. It estimates the distance and duration of the trip and provides turn-by-turn directions. The public transport option even shows available buses and trains and allows you to select your preferred departure and arrival times.

Navigate is a particularly useful voice tool when driving in unfamiliar areas. The app offers plenty of advance turn warnings and the directions are generally very clear and concise. There is also no problem if the user skips a turn, since the application automatically redraws the route.

If we lose our current location, when exploring the application tools, just press the My Location icon to return to the beginning.

Layers allow you to see different types of information such as Traffic conditions, a Satellite view, a Topographic view of the Terrain, previous searches for traffic lines, How to get there, Wikipedia entries, previously saved My Maps data, Buzz and Latitude.

Latitude is an optional social network application for tracking the location used by the user's Google account. The application shows the location of the user's friends and allows you to share status updates.

Street View is another amazing and useful tool that allows you to preview a location at ground level. It is very useful for difficult intersections or to find the correct entrance to a building.

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