Twitter creates a button to "mute" a user

Twitter creates a button to

Twitter has officially created the "Mute" button for its Android and iPhone applications and for the Web

Twitter has officially announced "mute", a new function for its Android Apps, iPhone and web users that allows you to selectively deactivate the messages of certain users who follow, but without having to unfollow them.

This function was in high demand due to the practices of a large number of users who sometimes abused an excessive number of tweets.

The "Mute" button will prevent messages from silenced users from appearing on our timeline (including their own messages and retweets, no push notifications or messages from them will be received either).

This option is private. Nobody knows if we have activated the Mude button (silence), and it is reversible at any time we want, simply by deactivating "Mude".

Muting is available as a "more" link in any individual tweet, and can also be activated for a user from the icon on their Twitter profile page.

From today this functionality will appear progressively in all parts of the world. It is expected that in the coming weeks it will be established in all countries including the Spanish area.

Until now, to silence tools such as Tweetbot (iOS Web client) have had to be used, being able to silence hashtags or keywords, as well as users, too. Twitter is expected to follow Tweetbot's lead on hashtags and keywords, also later on.

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