They are all the rage on social media and become famous people

They are all the rage on social media and become famous people

Anonymous people who literally became famous for their pretty face. A photo of them published on the internet, coupled with chance, they became famous people, their photos were seen by thousands of people and became viral phenomena.

1. Chris Kohrs, “The Hot Cop of the” San Francisco

Chris Kohrs, 36, became a major attraction in the Castro district after a local writer took a photo of him and posted it on Facebook. Kohrs' dedicated Facebook fan page has attracted more than 23,000 'likes'. Chris volunteered to appear on magazine covers and Good Morning America.

The photo that started the “hot cop” craze (the Hot Cop of the Castro) was taken by Mark Abramson, who caught sight of Kohrs, as he was guarding a construction site in the Castro district.

Surprised by the fame: Kohrs, who is not on Facebook, did not know that he has become a local celebrity, until his colleagues at the police station, crazy with their walls, showed him. Those who know him say that Kohrs is not only pleasant to look at, but also charming and good at his job. It has a great resemblance to Channing tatum.

2. Jeremy Meeks, the sexiest criminal

In 2014, Jeremy Meeks was proclaimed the sexiest criminal in the world on social media. Meeks already has an agent, a supposed contract with the Santa Monica agency Blaze Modelz and, apparently, some offers on the table. So says his manager, Gina Rodríguez, agent of other by-products of pop culture like Lindsay Lohan's father or the Octomon.

It's not for that piercing blue gaze, those sinful lips, those gang tattoos, that tear of ink furrowing his cheekbone… It's the paradigm of the tough guy. And the hot guy. An irresistible combination. The image was an overwhelming success on Facebook: more than 223,000 people clicked on the “like”.

Meanwhile, Meeks, 30, is behind bars. You could face a sentence of up to 10 years in jail. They put a bail of one million euros that no one has managed to pay for many jokes about it made by their female fans on social networks.

3. Guilherme Leão, the sexiest subway guard in Brazil

Guilherme Leão, is a policeman in charge of ensuring the safety of the subway of all the people who come to Brazil, but he is not just another policeman and, therefore, he has not gone unnoticed. She is a police officer and a model and has all the women in half the world revolutionized.

Many of his fans already define him as the sexiest policeman in the world. With 24 years, more than 1.90 in height and a statuesque physique, he has caused a great flight on social networks. He is also the most followed policeman on social networks.

4. Axelle Despiegelaere, the beautiful Belgian of the World Cup

He 2014 Brazil World He has not only left us football, goals, spectacular saves and emotion. We have also enjoyed the party that the fans threw throughout the tournament in the stands. The most striking thing was undoubtedly the beautiful women who went to the stadium, and one of the countries that surprised with really beautiful girls was Belgium.

The Belgian Axelle Despiegelaere he simply went to watch the matches of his team. The television cameras caught it and everyone saw it. Her beauty was so shocking that the brand The real He went out of his way to contact her and make a contract for her. Finally the young Axelle She was 17 then, became a model and was signed by L'Oreal.

Cindy kimberley

The last to join this list was Cindy Kimberley, a 17-year-old girl who caught the attention of singer Justin Bieber through her Instagram account @wolfiecindy. The young Dutch woman living in Denia has been hired as a model for the Very brand and has become a celebrity.

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