Love quotes

Love quotes

O amorfaz com that soul saia from seu hiding.

When love is not loucura, not love. (Pedro Calderón de la Barca)

We do not love a mulher because she is beautiful. Love it because you love it.

Cadadia o love more than ontem and less than love.

O love is ato deperdão interminável .... um olhar terno that becomes a habit.(Peter Ustinov)

O tempo is slow too much for those who wait ... fast too much for those who fear ... long too long for those who sofrem ... short too long for those who celebrate ... but for those who love, or eternal time. (Henry Van Dyke)

Those who prefer good sense and fogem da loucura are unable to feel or truly love.

Um velho dull and like a flower not winter. (Portuguese saying)

Oamor é um jogo em that both players can win. (Eva Gabor)

Love is like war - it's easy to start, harder to finish.

O love is a conditional on the happiness of another person and essential for your own happiness.

For my perfect definition of love and you. (Hugo Felix)

Aamizade é como o mar, se vê o venço, but not or ending. (Doralis Castillo, Panama)

Nãote blackouts hairs olhos green, because são traiçoeiros; Apaixona-tepelos meus, that they are black, more sincere ... (Doralis Castillo, Panama)

There is no such thing as impossible love, and people are unable to fight for it, afraid of surrendering and being happy ... it is a "lost opportunity". (Flávio Rocha)

Nem always true feelings are clear, we have to discover through small details. (Pablo Pithon)

Vaicartinha windy for that world sem fim will find meu love nesse mundo semfim. (Marcelo)

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