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Can coffee cause cancer?

Can coffee cause cancer?

There is a chemical in coffee that can cause cancer

Coffee contains acrylamide, a chemical by-product that appears when they roast the coffee beans, and that at high doses can cause cancer and be toxic.

For that reason, the American justice has ruled that thecompanies that sell coffee, like the well-known Starbucks, must warn than their products contain this substance that could cause cancer.

How much should you worry about this?

Coffee and Cancer?

Coffee contains acrylamide, a chemical by-product of roasted coffee beans

When the coffee beans are picked and removed from the fruit they have a pale color, and after roasting they acquire a dark brown hue.

During the roasting process several by-products are created, and one of them is the acrylamide

In high doses, acrylamide can cause cancer and be toxic. But in the coffee case does not have to worry.

The problem is in the dose

The data suggest that in large quantities, the acrylamide is carcinogenic to some animals.

Animal studies have found that putting acrylamide in drinking water can cause cancer in rats and mice. But the doses that were used in those studies are 1,000 to 100,000 times greaterthat which people can carry receive through your diet.

Until now, no evidence that the amount of acrylamide from coffee is dangerous.

Acrylamide is formed naturally when plants and grains they are cooked at high temperatures. It is formed in a process known as Maillard reaction, in which high temperatures transform sugars and amino acids and causes the taste and color of food to change.

This is not just a coffee thing. It also appears when heated French fries, bread or biscuits.

On the contrary: coffee can protect against cancer

There is extensive scientific research on coffee, most of which indicates that the Coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of several types of cancer.

  • The more coffee you drink,lower risk of liver cirrhosis or liver cancer
  • Drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee a dayreduces the chances of dying by 19% because of a cardiovascular disease.
  • Coffee drinkers have a 18% lower risk of cancer usually

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