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The Country House: Nailey Cottages

The Country House: Nailey Cottages

We have said little about our house on the farm. On the website of Nailey Cottages there is very complete information about our house Trulls, their rooms and other dependencies. A graphic testimony is the photos of Nailey Cottages taken by our eighteen year old children.

End of our story

We have almost said it all. Life in the farm house was very open, the children went out to play in all the rooms of the farm, respecting the instructions that Brett and Jonh gave us the first day.

We also received many visits from English and Spanish family and friends. Being on a farm is an incentive for them to visit us. Joaquín and David were even lucky enough to play a soccer game on the farm with Jaime and Guille, schoolmates in Spain, on the excellent natural grass of a small esplanade that we had in front of our house. Jaime and Guille were with their parents and their sister also in another farm near Bath.

The best way to know our life in the house is to read everything we have written in this blog about our rural holidays at the English farm Nailey Cottages. These are the “chapters” of our vacation story, in chronological order:

  1. A cottage in Gloucestershire
  2. The family, the farm, the generosity ...
  3. Talking to the sheep
  4. The sheepdogs on the farm play soccer ...
  5. Farm breakfasts
  6. Shopping in Marshfield Village
  7. In search of foxes, deer, rabbits, owls ...
  8. Meteor shower
  9. The hard life in the country
  10. From the countryside to the city
  11. The surroundings of the farm
  12. Horses and children
  13. Marshfield Pubs
  14. Buy at farm shops
  15. Nights at the farmhouse
  16. Off-farm activities

If anyone needs any further clarification, do not hesitate to write or leave a comment on the blog.

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