Halloween Templates

Halloween Templates

Halloween printable templates

Pumpkin templateshalloween witch stencilsand other pictures to color, print and cut out typical of Halloween.

Bats, vampires, witches, black cats, ghosts ... and much more to print and enjoy decorating and planning our Halloween party.

For example, we can use halloween templates to decorate halloween recipes making cupcakes with a skulls stencil of icing sugar or make a delicious cake where the orange lacasitos cover the entire silhouette of our seasonal pumpkin ... Ideas and ways to enjoy not only with halloween crafts on paper but also taking advantage of these in the kitchen. What else are halloween templates good for?


These will also help us in the decoration, for example of the tablecloths. How? Very simple, we print the templates that we like the most, for example the bats silhouettesWe cut them out and stick them on the tablecloth or we can also use the templates (before gluing them) to draw the silhouettes of the bats in black marker on a simple white tablecloth. With this we get that some have relief and are colored and others only the silhouette, so it will be much better. And, for the center of the table we can use the Happy Halloween template so the table will be fully set and we will only have to buy glasses and plates in orange and black.


The witches stencils and the silhouettes of halloween pumpkins we can use them in combination to make some halloween garlands different, inexpensive and that the children have made for themselves, they have cut, sewn, colored and ... colored to decorate the house or party of the night of the dead ... We can use the silhouettes of halloween cats to stick them by the crystals of the house together with the silhouettes of the ghosts and achieve a unique setting for children.

We can also use all these Halloween silhouettes to make halloween felt figures and decorate the school babi the week before, to personalize the school backpack with felt figures in black, orange and gray that will be used to make bags for the trinkets and personalize them with felt figures or also to make a piñata ...
In the same way we can use the templates or silhouettes to make rubber eva halloween figures

We leave you a video with some examples and ideas to use the Halloween templates:

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Video: Halloween promo video template editable (June 2021).