Tips for fire prevention

Tips for fire prevention

Safety and prevention at home: home insurance that includes the possibility of fire, flood or circuit breaker at the same time as possible theft during the holidays. Some insurances include health care against common accidents at home.

Domestic accidents such as fire, flood, short circuit, and theft prevention must be prevented.

Fire prevention: Prevention reduces the chances of accidents at home. The most common disaster in homes is fire. Fires occur when three elements are combined at the same time: heat from fire, a flammable material, and oxygen.Eliminating any of these items puts out the fire.

Tips for fire prevention:

1st) Before leaving home check that the kitchen keys are closed.

2nd) One of the most common forgetfulness is to leave the iron working when the telephone rings, a knock at the door or someone from the family claims us. Whenever you have to attend to another matter while ironing, do not forget to unplug the iron.

3rd) When cooking, windows and doors open causing double circulation, the air current can put out the fire, you may not realize it and the gas continues to come out. Any spark can start a fire.

4th) There are cleaning products that are flammable (aerosols, turpentine, alcohol, etc.), they should not only be protected from the little ones, but away from heat sources (kitchen and stoves) These should be used in ventilated places and away from places where there is something on.

5th) Who has not ever burned the kitchen towel, even though I did not get older is a risk factor. Do not leave fabrics near the kitchen stove.

6th) Within domestic accidents, the kitchen pan fire occupies an important place. If the pan catches fire while cooking use the lid, the fire will go out due to lack of oxygen.

7th) If you suspect or smell gas, do not turn on the light, this will prevent a spark from starting a fire.

8th) The cigarette is another important factor in fire prevention. Do not smoke in bed, you can fall asleep with the cigarette lit, check that all cigarettes are well extinguished before emptying the ashtray.

9th) Houses with fireplaces must have fire guards attached to the wall, you should never leave the house or go to sleep without having properly extinguished the fireplace. A spark is enough to cause a disaster.

10th) Keep the burners of the stoves clean of residues, every year before lighting, call the technician to verify their proper operation.

11th) The electrical installation must be in good condition to avoid short circuits, a periodic review is convenient. Placing current circuit breakers is the best prevention, against a short circuit it will trip the key and cut the current.

12th) Connections in the same socket cause overloads in the electrical installation and short circuits.

13th) In the event of an electrical fire, do not try to put out the fire with water, do not handle electrical appliances with the floor wet or barefoot.

14th) Do not let your children play with lighters or matches. Explain to your children the dangers of fire.

15th) Generally fires occur while the whole family is sleeping and unfortunately when detected it has large proportions.

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