The new ESO

The new ESO

Cadena SER has advanced the new educational reform prepared by the Minister of Education, María Jesús San Segundo. This reform sets reading comprehension, correct oral-written expression and mathematical calculation as priorities.

On the controversial subject of "Religion" the Ministry has opted for the subtlety that it is "evaluable" but not computable for the purposes of qualifications; Likewise, it will be a mandatory offer in the centers and free choice by the students. Perhaps it is the effect of the diplomacy of Monsignor Blázquez ”.

The three “great objectives” of the “new ESO”:

  • Mathematical calculation
  • Comprehension of a written text
  • Know how to write and express oneself correctly.

The truth is that said like that it is surprising (counting, reading and writing). An outside observer would not be surprised if UNESCO ranked Spain 26th in educational development, below almost all EU countries and below countries such as Hungary and Trinidad and Tobago. Little else is known about the new ESO . The news just quoted that “Schools must establish support, reinforcement or recovery programs for students who do not reach the appropriate level. If the student fails the course, the repetition should not be a mimetic reiteration of the suspended course, but should affect basic learning ". Nothing about the teachers and the worrisome demotivation that we have already commented on previously. A whole year for this reform? We'll wait to get to know her better, but it seems a bit disappointing. So far no reference to the information society, new technologies ... A reform of the twentieth century? Perhaps a counter-reform?Previous links:

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