Finance Dictionary

<b>Finance Dictionary</b>

Finance Dictionary. In this dictionary, we collect the most common terms to understand the terminology of banking, the financial system and credit institutions in general, as well as the most common aspects of monetary policy.

Definitions in our Finance dictionary:

Monetary Aggregates
Savings Banks
Credit Unions
Commercial Credit
Debtors at sight
Debtors with collateral
Credit institution
Work Certification Guarantee
Pignoratic Guarantee
Security Securities Guarantee
Real Guarantees
Warranty of Goods, Harvests and Machinery
ICO-Official Credit Institution
Exchange Risk
Collection Risk
Inflation Risk
Interest rate risk
Liquidity risk
Stock Price Risk
Risk Risk
Volability Risk
Economic Risk
Financial risk
Legal Risk
Risk country
Systematic Risk
Claims to the Bank of Spain
Bank System
Finance system
Type of interest
Preferential Interest Rate
Rates applicable to those exceeded in credit account
Interest Rates in Advertising
Applicable rates in current account overdrafts

Finance Dictionary

The banking system, capital markets, the stock market, are of key importance in modern economies. The purpose of this dictionary is to facilitate understanding of concepts and terminology in general.

Terms: Financial system | Banking system | Financing | Monetary Aggregates | Eurosystem | Credit institutions | Savings Banks | Credit Unions | ICO | Interest rates: advertising | Preferential interest rate | Interest rates: concept and classes | Bank of Spain Claims Service | Commercial credit | Real guarantees.

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