International cuisine restaurants in Madrid

International cuisine restaurants in Madrid

In Madrid it is possible to find international cuisine restaurants of all nationalities. They abound of all kinds.

We make a summary with some establishments that we think are worthwhile.

Small selection of restaurants with international cuisine in Madrid: restaurants evaluated with (*) star:

  • Ars Vivendi (*) (Pozuelo de Alarcón)
    Christ, 23. MAJADAHONDA (12 km from Pozuelo de Alarcón).
    It is considered the best Italian cuisine restaurant in Madrid (Majadahonda), far surpassing the typical pizzerias and pasta offers. Creative cooking.
    See our review with useful data: Ars Vivendi Restaurant.

  • Horcher (*)
    Alfonso XII, 6. (Madrid).
    One of the luxury classics in Madrid that also represents German cuisine in the capital of Spain.
    See our review with useful data: Horcher restaurant.

  • Kabuki (*)
    Av. PresidenteCarmona, 2. (Madrid)
    Japanese cuisine with its own personality and creative style.
    See our review with useful data: Kabuki Restaurant

  • Node (*)
    Velázquez, 150, Madrid
    Japanese cuisine but with the intention of clear fusion with the Mediterranean.
    See our review with useful data: RestaurantNodo

  • Villa Magna by Eneko Atxa (formerly Le Divellec) (*)
    PºCastellana, 22. (Madrid).
    At the Hotel Villa Magna a prestigious exponent of Basque cuisine in Madrid.
    See our review with useful data: Villa Magna by Eneko Atxa Restaurant

Some other international restaurants in Madrid (unclassified):

  • Siratori Restaurant la Castellana, 36-38, Telf .: 91 577 37 33.
    He is considered one of the best Japanese in Madrid. This is high-class Japanese cuisine, it's excellent. Its dining rooms are separated by specialties: the Teppan-Yakil: personalized service grill, they prepare in front of you whatever you have chosen on the grill, be it fish, seafood, meat, vegetables; Shabu-Shabu: where traditional Japanese cuisine is served in front of you; and the Sushi bar: they also prepare Sushi in front of you. It is expensive, but very good. It has a car park service.

  • Restaurant Asia Galery
    Hotel Palace, Plaza de las Cortes, 7, Tel .: 91 360 80 00
    It is the novelty in the guide of Asian Restaurants in Madrid. It is located inside the l'hôtel Palace. It is a wonderful restaurant, both for decoration and cuisine. It is a very elegant restaurant and its traditional Chinese cuisine is of high standing. Escaro, but worth it. The hotel has a designated valet for the restaurant, on the side street.
  • Restaurant Tsé-Yang
    Hotel Villamagna la Castellana, 22
    New oriental restaurant in Madrid. Located in the Villamagna hotel, it is sophisticated with stunning black decor. The kitchen is excellent. It is expensive, but well worth a visit. You can park in the hotel car park. Another alternative of the Hotel Villa Magna, for those who prefer Basque cuisine is the Villa Magna by Eneko Atxa Restaurant.
  • Thai Gardens Restaurant. Jorge Juan, 5; Telephone: 91 577 88 84
    Thai cuisine in a beautiful and pleasant place located in the Barrio de Salamanca.
  • Annapurna Restaurant. Zurbano, 5; Telephone: 91 319 87 16 Indian cuisine in an elegant and very attractive place. Exquisite appetizers until the end.
  • La Fondue de Tell restaurant. Divino Pastor 12; Tel. 91 594 42 77. Swiss cuisine with specialties such as Swiss Cheese Fondue or Raclette.
  • Al-Mounia Restaurant, Recoletos, 5; Tel. 91 435 08 28. Perhaps the best Arabic cuisine in Madrid, near the Museums area.
  • Maruzzella Restaurant, Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 28 28003 Madrid. Homemade Italian cuisine. See our review with useful data. RestaurantMaruzzella (6/10)
  • Baby Beef Rubaiyat Restaurant, C / Juan Ramón Jiménez, 37. Meat and Brazilian cuisine in the style of its famous rodizzios. See Review RestaurantBaby Beef Rubaiyat.

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