24 hours ago at the polling station and, after casting my vote, I heard that part of the ritual that to me personally, perhaps because I was unable to vote until I was mature, continues to impress me: "VOTED":.
Today, as always, all are proclaimed winners; and this time maybe they are because the results equal; They give almost a technical draw.
I wonder: are all winners or, rather, all losers to the hilt?
Since last night the data and comments of the protagonists have accumulated in my brain; I have stirred and stirred them, as if it were culinary, I have let them rest for a few hours and I have looked at the surface as the witches in stories look at the pot as if it were a clarifying mirror of their oracle.

I see, and I do not believe, that everything that I detest as a person has been rewarded: the systematic and shameless lie, the insult, the desire to destroy more than to build, the vociferation of the worst style, the attack on the other with baseness already clean punch, arrogant postures, impossible promises, firewood for firewood, the defense of the leader importing a bit the interest of the manager, the unjustifiable antics, the armchair as an opportunity and not as a service. And, to top it all, the cataract votes for those accused of corruption who, due to bullfighting shame, should never have been presented - does the whole town think that something will fall if they favor the corrupt? - No, I don't understand.
It is also true that underneath that apparent telo-mirror, that soup of incongruities there are good and respectable things; that many efforts and good will, capable and honest people are rewarded: but what appears to the voter, what stands out, what citizens see, is negative.

What's more, between the lines someone can read that being a scoundrel you get bingo.

Meetings of the great leaders are announced today to analyze the high degree of abstention. Now are you surprised at the disappointment towards politicians and the "passing" of politics?
It gives the impression that each voter has his hole as ants have, and in it there is only darkness and servility to the queen. They cannot be mixed because their mother gave birth to them here and this is their clan. Faithful to an acronym until death, and not to ideas, they consider themselves just that: a clan.
It is not preferred to improve the town or the lives of its neighbors. The only aim is that the chair is occupied by "mine" and that the others, sometimes more capable, are given blood sausage to console themselves.
You don't even want a strong opposition to monitor and stop the overwhelming tank of absolutisms.
For those who do not vote out of disappointment, I would advise the blank vote, it sounds more like a reprimand; and to those who do not vote, and on top of it boast, it will be necessary to tell them, when they lament, that they too are guilty by omission. Because ... surely they will be the first to air their complaints.
Nothing new: the usual Spain. That of the picaresque and rudeness.
For those of us who count our age for the little time that logic grants us and who have endured so much historical outrage, waiting for the arrival of sanity, we have no other feeling than frustration.
I, who am just another citizen, see it that way. Of course, they may be "stupid" of age.

Video: New Rule: Wok the Vote. Real Time with Bill Maher HBO (July 2021).