Nanotechnology and cycling

Nanotechnology and cycling

12/06: Nanotechnology and cycling

For the first time, the use of carbon nanotechnology carried out at Bianchi's headquarters in Treviglio has enabled the company to reduce the weight of its main HoC road bike frames by 30%: the FG Lite C (aluminum / carbon), the FG Lite A (aluminum only) and the 928 C SL (all carbon).

There is only one other company other than this one that uses such advanced manufacturing techniques. Its name is BMC and it uses Easton's services to manufacture nanotechnology bicycle frames for the Phonak cycling team. In case anyone wants to know its price, Bianchi's flagship frame, the 928 C SL, together with a Campagnolo Record 10-speed groupset and Bora tubular wheels, is 9,000 euros.

Bianchi claims that the frame will reach the 900g scales for a 55 camber, and that the geometry will remain identical to the current 928 Carbon L.


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