Ryanair: Zaragoza - Milan

Ryanair: Zaragoza - Milan

Ryanair starts today its cheap flights Zaragoza - Milan

The airline company has already sold 12,000 tickets for this new line of cheap flights. The new Ryanair line that will connect Zaragoza and Milan opens today with great sales success.

For now, the company has already sold 12,000 tickets for this trip, which from today until next Thursday will enjoy a launch price of 0.99 euros. The fare will also be applied to the Ryanair Zaragoza-London flight that began on December 1 and carried 8,000 passengers throughout this month alone.

The first link on the Milan route will take off today at around 6.30 am from this city's secondary airport, located in the center of Bergamo (about 50 minutes away from the Italian capital).

The flight will carry 154 passengers on board who will arrive in Zaragoza at 8.30 am. 25 minutes later, the same plane, a 737 series 800 with 181 seats - identical to the rest of those that make up the company's fleet - will make the return journey to Italy, with 165 people from Zaragoza in the passenger seat.

Source: El Periódico de Aragón

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