Mobile calling on Emirates flights

Mobile calling on Emirates flights

According to an article published this month on BBC News, Dubai's Emirates Airline has become the first commercial airline to allow its passengers to make phone calls during flights.

According to Emirates, the first allowed call was made on a flight from Dubai to Casablanca.

The plane, an Airbus A340, is equipped with a system that prevents mobiles from interfering with electronic devices on the plane.

Emirates plans to include the system on more aircraft and, later, also allow the use of the BlackBerry and other data services.

According to the airline, the telephone service will only be activated when the plane is at cruising altitude and the cabin crew will be able to monitor and control the use of the system.

Passengers will be able to send and receive text messages, but the crew will be able to prevent voice calls at certain times, such as during night flights. Additionally, passengers must keep their phones in "silent" mode.

The company says it decided to introduce the use of mobile phones into its fleet after noting the huge demand for phones already installed in aircraft seats.

Before adopting the system, developed by AeroMobile, the airline had to obtain approval from international aviation safety organizations.
The Emirates airline, owned by the Dubai government, flies to more than 60 countries.

Source: BBC

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