8 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Makeup (And You Without Realizing It)

8 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Makeup (And You Without Realizing It)

No one is perfect, nor are we born taught.
Such a normal thing that all women do every day (all of them, even if they don't recognize it), such as putting on makeup, and that seems so simple, we do it wrong.

And I'm going to explain what we do and how to fix it. Attentive

1. Don't exfoliate your skin
By exfoliating your skin regularly, it will appear clearer and will better absorb the cream treatments and special serums for the care of your skin; it will also help your makeup to make you feel much better.
However, it is a process that you should do in moderation. 2-3 times a week is enough, because if you go overboard you could leave your skin too sensitive and red.

2. Biting / licking lips
If you nibble or lick your lips frequently, the end will be a chapped mouth and a dry and uneven lipstick as a conclusion.
Solution: Use a glossy lipstick to brush off your mania (or stain your teeth all the time), or try gum instead.

3. Make up without light
We should all wear makeup in a well-lit place, whose light is natural. In this way you will ensure a perfect cast and your bronzer and blush well applied and mixed.

4. Do not use Pre-Base
I have to say that this product was unknown to me, but since I have known it I cannot live without it.
Its function is easy, applying it after the moisturizing cream ensures that the base will be uniform and also, you will make your makeup last much longer.

5. Doesn't matter the Mascara
We do not all have the same eyelashes, nor do we look for the same when applying makeup. You may want your lashes to be long and curved, or to show a lot of lashes, without paying too much attention to their length.
Be that as it may, you must know how to choose it and know when to throw it away. It is ugly to see mascara clumps on your lashes and bald spots, because you don't know how to remove it.

6. Not taking care of your eyebrows
It is clear that makeup works miracles and can both fill gaps and extend them to the length you want. But where you should be careful is when waxing them. Always go to a professional and read this post (5 mistakes we all make with our eyebrows)

7. Don't look at expiration dates
Just as you observe the expiration date before eating a food, the same should be done with cosmetics.
You can create eye infections and skin blemishes, causing bacteria on your skin due to the use of makeup in poor condition.

8. Do not wash the brushes
A bad care of the makeup brushes, causes that the products do not mix well, nor that they spread perfectly on your skin.
You should wash your brushes every 2-3 weeks, especially the ones you use for foundation and concealer.

Pay attention to the explanatory video on how to clean your makeup brushes:

Which of them do you do the most? Can you think of anything else? Let us know !!

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