Home burglary prevention

Home burglary prevention

We live in a world where the issue of home security is of increasing concern.

Tips to prevent burglaries at home

There are multiple options to protect yourself from theft and feel more secure. First of all, hire a home insurance that includes theft and putting in some of the different security systems.
When you decide to place a home security system, you have to analyze the most vulnerable points of the home. So you can choose the most appropriate security system according to your needs. You can choose between one of the different options or combine several at the same time. Among them we find: Peripheral locking system (bars and locks), Alarms, safes, Identification systems, to name a few.

Lattices and locks on shutters and doors

The most traditional of security systems, consists of placing bars on all the windows of the house and locks on blinds and doors. It may also include changing the access doors and the service area (kitchen) for an armored door. Do not forget the toilet windows, generally being very small is not taken into account, but for thieves it is the most common way to enter a house.


The alarms are the complement of the bars and locks. Many who only had an alarm, after having a good scare, decided to add bars and locks to achieve a comprehensive security system. The alarm serves to deter thieves, when it sounds, they will desist from carrying out the robbery, for fear that a neighbor will come or the police will arrive.Safes: To protect important values, they are usually embedded in the wall and are easy to disguise with the decoration. Do not mention that you have one, that can be dangerous for your family, thieves assume that if you have a safe it is because you have something of value to keep.

Identification systems

The chains that keep the door ajar while talking to a stranger. Peepholes to see who's calling, modern television viewers on doormen in apartments or individual homes. All of these serve to identify the person who rings the bell.

Protection room

With increasing insecurity, the possibility arose of having a place inside the house to protect oneself from the presence of thieves. This consists of designating a room in the house as a bunker. An armored door with a security lock is placed on it. In the case of entering thieves, the victim takes refuge in that room, being inaccessible to thieves.


Above all, prevention is essential, do not trust, thieves will use any trick, trick or deception to enter your house. If in doubt there will not be the door, if you truly say you are who you are, you will return.

Video: Larry Lawton - burglar proof your home on FOX News (June 2021).