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Best love

Best love

Generally, one falls in love when one falls in love and with whom one falls in love. Perhaps one possibility is to continue relationships until we clearly opt for one or the other, according to the person we like the most of the two.

In any case, perhaps it is interesting that we reflect on the subject.

  • Is there the best love?
  • What can I do to identify the best love?
  • When and why is one love better than another?

The best love of my life is you ...

Something similar said the lyrics of a well-known song. And it is true that when there is true love, we really have no doubt that there is the best love: the person we love.

However, there are people who are looking for "the best love" perhaps because they have not found what they aspire to or perhaps because they wanted to improve, get out of doubt ... What is the best love?

  1. The best love is the one that loves you the most. Life is very long and sometimes it goes through unimaginable vicissitudes. That person who has a deep and true love for you, the greatest love, a priori, is the best love to address all those vicissitudes.
  2. The best love is the one that has the greatest empathy with you. He is the one who puts himself in your place and thinks about how to help you and please you. His generosity leads him to put your things ahead of his.
  3. The best love is the one that gets better over time. There are loves that are born with a low profile and that as they evaluate and develop they acquire an unknown intensity and depth.
  4. The best love is the one that fills you fully. The one that exhausts your aspirations and fills you in every way.
  5. The best love is complicit love. Yes, the one where chemistry, magic, spark, occur at all times and where each one knows what the other wants, all this without saying a word ...
  6. The best love is the one that makes you feel the most beautiful feelings and emotions. It will make you feel new things and will allow you to develop as a person in many aspects unknown to you.
  7. The best love is the one that makes it possible for you to enjoy giving as much or more than receiving.
  8. The best love is the best company. Without speaking, or without doing anything special, letting time pass, the mere company is enough to fulfill the aspirations of two true lovers.
  9. The best love is the greatest attraction. It is emotional, sexual, personal intellectual attraction ...
  10. The best love is the one in which there is the greatest communication. Communication is fluid, good and bad are shared, and every day this helps to reaffirm and consolidate the commitment between two people.

And for you ... What is the best love?

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