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14 ways to say "I love you" without saying a word

14 ways to say

There are people more reserved than others when it comes to expressing their feelings and emotions. Those two words should come out without any pressure if it is accompanied by its meaning, the feeling may exist but not the words, if this happens to you, here are some gestures that will show that it tells you at many times of the day without actually telling you .

1. Long-lasting passionate kisses.
Who does not like them? If he continually reaches out to you to initiate one of these kisses and you can feel passion when he does, it is clear that he has more than affection towards you.

2. The relationship with your friends.
That your friends take care of you, enjoy your company, count on you to make plans and think highly of you, it can be for two things. That your partner only speaks wonders of you, or that they are aware of how happy you make that person love you for it. Both reasons show that he loves you, is proud and wants to share his life with you.

3. Shortening distances.
When we do not have a good relationship with someone we try to stay as far away as possible, the opposite happens, when we love someone, we tend to be closer to that person than to others. Sometimes we do it even without realizing it, and every two by three we are glued to that person.

4. Smile after a kiss.
A clear sign of love is the sweet smile that comes out after kissing someone. If you find that your partner smiles after each kiss and continues to do so over time, it is a great sign that he adores you.

5. Listens to you carefully.
If you pay special attention to what you say when you express your feelings or talk about the relationship you have between the two of you, it is that you really care, that the other person finds it difficult to express their feelings does not mean that they do not care. You can also see cute gestures in their expressions that show that this topic is really important.

6. Correct posture.
The tendency of most is to stoop and have a sloppy posture. However, if you are trying to impress a person you care about or love, you will either maintain an upright posture or stand.

7. A caress, a handshake.
It may sound simple, but for reserved people it is a very clear gesture of love. It is a large number of couples who do not like to show their love in public, however they take advantage of certain moments to have a wink of complexity, pass their hand on the back of the person they love, or squeeze the hand for a few few seconds when they are caught.

8. Nonsense messages.
Not all people do this when they are in love, so don't take it as a person if your partner doesn't. These nonsensical messages are a sign that he is comfortable talking to you about anything, not just the two of you, and that he is thinking about you all day.

9. Be with you as long as possible.
Situations like meeting for dinner, and see you half an hour or an hour before to decide what you want the most. It could be done by phone or simply that one of the two chooses, but your partner prefers that you see each other before to do it together. It is an interest that goes beyond sexual interest.

10. Eye contact.
Try to perceive if when you go out with friends from time to time he looks up to locate you, if at that moment you surprise your partner looking at you and he smiles at you, perfect, answer that smile, because that is exactly what he was looking for, to have a gesture of complicity with you.

11. Run your hand through your hair.
Stroking or styling your hair more often than normal is a nervous gesture. Have you noticed if when you are very close to each other it becomes a romantic moment? If so, surely he is showing you that he wants to say something to you but cannot find the words, or simply assumes that you are feeling the same and it is not necessary to say anything.

12. Meaningful gifts.
Meaningful does not mean expensive, something significant is when the other person invests time and effort in looking for something that really suits your personality.

13. Laughter.
Can't stop laughing with you? Oddly enough, the more he laughs, the higher the level of interest he has in you and the emotion he feels towards the relationship between you.

14. Need for contact.
If when you are in public he cannot avoid putting his hand on your back or any type of physical contact shows that he loves you, he not only wants to have a relationship based on sexual contact, but that goes further.

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