Top 15 Google Drive Plugins for Education

Top 15 Google Drive Plugins for Education

Google drive It already allows the use of supplements and some of them are ideal for the field of education. Others might be more useful for professional developers or telecommuters.

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1. EasyBib

With EasyBib we can insert citations directly into Google documents. Available styles include MLA, APA, and Chicago Style.

2. Mindmeister

Mindmeister allows you to create bulleted lists and turn them into a mind map to view a graphical representation. It's a great way to make a table of contents or job outline easier to read.

3. g (Math)

It allows you to create graphs (including plot points) and write complex mathematical formulas directly in Google Docs. We can use LaTeX commands or predefined codes to create formulas that cannot be added with the integrated Equation Editor; for example, geometric signs or custom characters. And in the chart builder, simply write a function to create the chart associated with that function. It is an invaluable tool for any math class.

4. Table of contents

Google Drive can insert a table of contents, but it places it within the document. This add-on places it in the sidebar, where it is extremely useful, since it facilitates navigation through the document. Remember that for it to work, it is necessary to classify the sections as Title 1, Title 2, etc.

5. Thesaurus

Add a thesaurus to Google Drive and display it on the right side. it is a very useful function when students are writing a paper. Maybe not as much as the right-click function in Microsoft Word (and it's a bit slow), but it will likely improve over time.

6. Template Gallery

If you want additional templates, larger than those that come with Google Drive, this template gallery, which includes numerous templates of letters, spreadsheets and emails already formatted, is a great complement.

7. Texthelp Study Skills Highlighting Tools

This add-on to help you read and write texts has a free 30-day trial period and includes many features for people with special needs and English learners, such as text-to-speech tools, among others. It also allows you to mark KES files used by people with special needs or visual impairments. It supports the ePub (for e-books) format and many others.

When sharing notes, we can highlight things without this tool, but its use, without a doubt, is easier than that of the tool that is already incorporated. Plus, it includes read aloud, text prediction, vocabulary building tools, and many other features that help students write. There is also an iPad version.

8. Workflows

Although this workflow tool is probably considered more of a business app, it could have numerous uses in schools, from approving purchase orders to signing completed student work for newspapers. There could also be reviewers who would sign the work and do a follow-up.

9. UberConference

Allows voice conversations within Google Docs. In education, if we have a folder with the students' work, we could share the documents with their parents and then have a conversation with them to review the work.

10. Consistency Checker

This consistency check plugin is useful for those who create very long documents (PhD theses, for example) or other documents that need to be consistent. It will do an extra spell check and make sure we have treated numbers, hyphenation, and other elements of writing consistently.

11. Gliffy Diagrams

Now, we can add the Gliffy diagrams to our entire Google Drive. From organization charts to designs of almost any type.

12. Twitter Curator

This plugin is a version of Storify for Google Docs and could be a way to incorporate tweets from the class Twitter account or other source while making annotations and commenting. It can also be used to share successful tweets or tweets made by authors or others to provide more information about what has been learned.

13. Kaizena

The purpose of Kaizena is to help teachers provide better feedback to students. With this free plug-in, the teacher can send the document to Kaizena with a single click, to easily insert voice comments and their opinion on the student's work.

14. DocumentMerge

DocumentMerge allows you to join multiple documents into a new Google Docs or email. It can also be used to personalize and combine emails.

15. Openclipart

This handy tool seems to mitigate the problem of having to worry about educational licenses for clip art. With 50,000 clipart and icons, it's a great start to getting icons quickly. Since it includes icons, buttons can be made so that it can be easier to navigate to other sites.

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