Common sense

Common sense

"I think, therefore I am" It is one of the many statements that the mathematical philosopher made throughout his teachings Where rationalism was the essence ... Descartes left us a text for the day to day ... Common Sense.

Good sense is what is best distributed among everyone, because each person thinks they have such a good supply of it, that even the most unhappy about anything else, usually do not want more than they already have.

In which it is not plausible that all are deceived, but rather this shows that the faculty of judging and distinguishing what is true from what is false, which is properly what we call good sense or reason, is naturally the same in all men; and, therefore, that the diversity of our opinions does not come from the fact that some are more reasonable than others, but only that we direct our thoughts in different directions and do not consider the same things. In fact, it is not enough to have good ingenuity; the main thing is to apply it well.

The greatest souls are capable of the greatest vices, as well as the greatest virtues; and those who walk very slowly can go much further, if they always go the straight path, than those who run, but turn away from it.

Fragment "Discourse on Method" Descartes

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