Reasons to be positive

<strong>Reasons to be positive</strong>

The first reason is physical and mental health. The doctor. Mario alonso states the following:

Several studies have shown that a minute of entertaining a negative thought leaves the immune system in a delicate situation for hours. The distress that feeling of permanent overwhelm produces very surprising changes in the functioning of the brain and in the hormonal constellation ... damage to memory and learning neurons located in the hippocampus. And it affects our intellectual capacity because it leaves those areas of the brain most necessary to make adequate decisions without blood supply.

More irritable people are more prone to heart problems and other ailments. Do not let a negative perception of life cause problems for your health and quality of life in the medium and long term. If you want to improve your health, live longer, get used to thinking positively.

His family, your partner, your children ... The people who love you the most are the ones who resign themselves to understanding you and suffering from your bad mood, misgivings, disqualifications, criticism ... You run the risk of transmitting a negative education to your children, with everything that this will entail for their future social and labor integration. He runs the risk of weakening the ties that bind him to his partner and the enthusiasm and illusion that must always be strengthened. If you want a happy family, try to think positive, it will help you a lot.

His work. As stated by Dr. Alonso, a negative thought affects our intellectual capacity. It is much more difficult for people with negative thoughts to prosper in their work. Even those with greater intellectual capacity and brilliance see their possibilities diminished by the suspicion generated by their negativity. While people with lesser merits escalate creating -sometimes opportunist-, people mired in negative approaches accentuate their isolation and lack of popularity and support in their work environment. The modern and competitive company especially values ​​the leader, characterized by his ability to face complex and difficult situations with positive approaches. If you want to prosper, you must delve into positive thinking.

Your social environment. A large part of our lives is developed with our friends, in our neighborhood communities, our social circles ... People with negative thoughts develop an antisocial attitude that makes their integration and acceptance increasingly difficult. Their criticism isolates them until they are reduced. his circle to a narrow number of people, resigned to accept his negative approaches.

You. You will live this life once. Perhaps our world is not as perfect as it should be. But, without a doubt, being positive helps to make it much more bearable. Thinking positive will facilitate relationships with others, make your family happier, improve your health, make you feel much better, even being aware of the worst situations you have to face ... We have already dealt with the negative thoughts and their effects Seem few reasons? Are you encouraged?

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