Entrepreneurial mothers, entrepreneur mothers: Susana Perelló

Entrepreneurial mothers, entrepreneur mothers: Susana Perelló

Susana at work.

This has encouraged us and we have started a series of interviews with businesswomen and entrepreneurs who are also mothers. This is how they tell us about their experience and together we can learn from their successes and see a little how their day to day is.

We have been talking to Susana Perelló, designer and partner of dclave.com and whose latest launch is the project www.unbocetodiario.com with which she is very excited and which we think will give her many successes.

We have asked her a series of questions related to being a mother and an entrepreneur and she has very kindly answered them.

Here are the questions and their answers.

0. How old are your girls?

The oldest is 5 years old and the youngest 21 months.

1. What is your work schedule? Do you usually take work home with you?

Normally it is in the morning, although since it is my company and I myself I schedule the schedule if one day I have to come in the afternoon I come, if not, then I take work home that I take the opportunity to do when the little ones have gone to bed.

2. What is your family routine with the girls before going to work? And after work?

In the morning during the week, we wake up the little ones at the same time, since one goes to school and the other to guard her, so between my husband and I we dress them, give them breakfast and prepare everything, then we We distribute, one takes the older one to school and the other takes the little one, it's a good way to balance schedules.

3. Do you have help at home from an outside person? How do you organize the chores of the house?

The truth is that no, we do everything between my husband and I, there are day-to-day things that we do between the two of us, beds, bathrooms, washing machines, etc., we have the tasks distributed and each one knows what to do first. to leave home. When the weekend comes, we also do the distributed tasks, those things that you cannot do more thoroughly during the week. We usually take turns with the little ones, so that we can both do ours.

4. Why did you decide to start a company?

Mainly, the reasons that decided me to start a company were two, one of course, my family, I wanted to have a job that would allow me to do what I like and above all, to be able to combine it with the care and raising of my girls.

The second, as I said, I needed to do something that would fill me and fulfill me as a person, since I think this is very important for the human being as well. It is clear that you can do any job, but if it does not fill you ...... in the end it only becomes a mere tool to have a fixed source of income at the end of the month, my work before was that for me and it did not make me feel good With myself not to mention the hours that I had to dedicate and that I couldn't be with my family.

5. How many people do you work for in the company?

At the moment only me, since I am Freelance, although I do not rule out the possibility of expanding the staff in the future.

6. Do you answer the mobile for work issues when you are with your girls?

Only on very specific occasions, I have as a rule not to mix work life with family life.

7. During the week, do you reserve some time to do some activity by yourself?

From time to time and if work allows it, I usually reserve a morning for myself and my things, the afternoons are all for the little ones.

8. If you travel often for work, how do you organize getting to and from school and your routine in general?

My trips for work are close, 60 or 70 km at most, so I usually leave when they enter school and I usually be back before they leave.

9. Have you had to stop doing something you like to do to work and be a mother? What would you like to improve?

No, thank God today, there is nothing that I have not been able to reconcile, perhaps a night out, but that is already known what will happen when you are going to be a mother and in my case I have gladly changed it.

10. Would you give any advice to someone who is thinking of setting up acompany and have children?

My advice is to jump in and try it, the beginning as everything will be hard but in the long run you get your reward. With a little planning and collaboration, everything can be done and the satisfaction you get for yourself and yours is priceless.

Susana with the little ones.

Thank you very much Susana for sharing your time with the readers of Empresa 2.0 de Euroresidentes. We wish you the best. 🙂

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