Meaning of Prudencio name

Meaning of Prudencio name

History and the Saint

San Prudencio Galindo, theologian and historian, a Spaniard of Pyrenean origin, fled his homeland in 827 when the Muslims invaded and took refuge in the Carolingian court. He was counselor and chaplain to Ludovico Pío and Carlos el Calvo; Bishop of Troyes in Champagne, both in his liturgical writings as in the Bertinian Annals are stories that tell the story of his time (836 - 861), he also wrote works of piety, such as Breviarium psalterii (psalms to teach the faithful to pray) and the Florilegium ex sacra Sxriptura (manual of ethics with gleaned sentences from the holy books).

His saint is celebrated on April 6

San Prudencio, bishop of Tarazona. Muyjoven isolates himself to dedicate himself to pray in solitude, where he meets the hermit Saturius who was his spiritual master. After seven years he went to Calahorra to preach the gospel, he had the gift of healing the soul and the body and he acquired a great fame. He decides to return to Tarazona and provide service in the Church, he served as a sacristan, received the sacred orders and was appointed archdeacon; when the bishop dies, he is appointed Bishop of Tarazona. I participate in Burgos de Osma in order to resolve the problems between the Bishop of the city and his canons; back to his city he falls ill and dies.In that place the Monastery of the Prudences.

His Santose celebrates on April 28.

Others San prudencioare celebrated on the 1st; April 29 and October 6.

Variant of Prudencio

Prudentius variants in her feminine; Prudence.

Prudentius in other languages:

  • Catalan: Prudenci.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Prudencio

  • Aurelius Prudentius Clemens, father of the Iglesia San Ambrosio; Latin poet of Hispanic origin considered one of the most influential writers of his time, he was the forerunner in the use of pagan literature in his Christian writings and poems. His works written in Latin with titles in Greek are: "Psychomachia"represents the soul as a place where virtues and vices are opposed and also introduces the use of allegory in Christian poetry."Cathemerinon liber"or Book of Hymns (twelve hymns for different times of the day and celebrations), beautiful hymns that tell us about the saints and have provided very valuable information, among others.

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