Consequences for the media of the new Google News deal

Consequences for the media of the new Google News deal

According to an article published this week in The Guardian, Peter Bale, executive producer of MSN UK, has warned the websites of major British newspapers that they are likely to experience a drop in user traffic due to recent Google content deals. News.

As Bale commented at the Association of Online Publishers congress, popular websites such as The Guardian, Times and The Sun should be aware of the consequences of the agreements that Google News recently signed with new agencies.

Bale was referring to a deal closed by Google News in late August with four agencies, including Agence-France Presse, the Press Association and the Associated Press.

As former online managing editor of the Times and Sunday Times, Bale noted how Times Online editions had "benefited significantly" from traffic from Google News, and noted that the new agreement, which allows Google to include news content from these agencies and omitting from their results any duplicate of said news on other websites will have important consequences for these sites.

Bale also pointed out that sites like MSN must protect their position as distributors, against the Web sites of newspapers that offer their own distribution services.

According to a Google spokesperson, while publishers using articles from news feeds may see traffic from Google News to these types of articles decreased, this change will free up more space in Google News for its most valuable content: its original articles.

“Previously, it was difficult to find some of this content on Google News; as a result of this change, publishers will likely receive more traffic to their original articles. "

Source: The Guardian

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