Horoscope on the Blog

Horoscope on the Blog

There's a lot Blog Tools But this sure will be very nice to you: it will identify your sign and the horoscope of each day on your blog. It is an example of the many widgets that you can put on your blog

Horoscopes on blogs
Your horoscope on your blog in three easy steps

1.Enter Horoscope of the Day and choose your Zodiac sign. Suppose you are poundClick on the gif of the horoscope that you want to put on your blog or page.

2. On the page of Horoscope of the day You have two models to insert in your blog or on your website, choose the one you like the most

3. Copy the code of the model you like the most (horizontal or vertical). You should paste this code in your blog template wherever you like it the most, and that's it!

The blogs are personalized with the sign and the prediction of the horoscope of each day. Each day you will have a forecast in love, health and money through nice icons (hearts, smiles and euros)

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