Pisces July 2013

Pisces July 2013

Best days for Pisces in July: 7,8,17,20,21,22
Most stressful days for Pisces in July: 4,5,12,13
Better days for himlove and pisces in July: 1,8,10,13,25,26,29,30
Better days for him money and pisces in July: 5,6,17,19,20,23,24,25,26,27,28
Better days forwork and pisces in July: 7,8,16,17,19,20,25

Right now and for a few more months to come, you will be reaping the fruits of what you have sown. Which is not bad!

The month of July will continue emotionally the same as in June. The Water element is still present and you will feel happy and in harmony. You will have a good time. And if a problem arises, he would know how to solve it without affecting him too much, he also has many people around him willing to help him, at least until the 22nd.

Good time for work, things will happen, that will make you feel satisfied and happy. Your bosses will support you, and a good opportunity could arise. If you run your company or the company of others, you will do very well and could get very good results. Influential friends will give you a boost if you need it.

Regarding his social life, he is going out a lot and he is meeting new people in a very good position, who at the moment could help him in his work. Learn to seize the opportunity and keep those friendships. You know very well how to cultivate good friends. You will also make a friend on the Internet and participate in an activity that will allow you to meet people.

Good luck in everything that is support from superiors, parents, grandparents, authorities. Any issue that arises in this regard will be resolved favorably for you.

Health will be very good throughout the month. The only problem may be being overweight. As everything is going so well for him and he will do a lot of social life, he will have to take care of the meals, not to overdo it, because he could gain weight. Take care of your diet and eat a good diet on the days you stay at home to compensate for binge eating. At least until the 22nd. After that date, watch your heart. Pisces women must control their breasts.

As far as finances are concerned, you will be fine. You will spend money on home and family arrangements. Your parents or in-laws will help you. Between days 19 to 24 you will have a stroke of luck: a good investment will give good returns or your bosses will give you a good commission?

In love it will be a bit regular, not because it does not have the opportunity to flirt, but because it will go like a weather vane from one to another, without knowing where to perch. At least until the 21st. If you have a partner, you could have someone hooked between the 17th and the 24th, due to lack of patience. Life is being very changeable for your partner and this will create a certain instability, which will create a relationship of forces between the two, resulting in a small crisis.

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