Google continues to adapt its glasses to match the demands and comfort of users

Google continues to adapt its glasses to match the demands and comfort of users

Google adds style and prescription lenses to its glasses

The vision of the future of Google Glass begins to take shape. On Tuesday, Google announced that it will add prescription glasses to Google Glass, the most requested feature since it introduced the facial device last year.

This move is Google's latest attempt to make the beta version of its glasses more modern and consumer-friendly before launching the product to the general public towards the end of 2014.

The prescription lenses will be available in a series of frames recently designed in line with fashion trends and will cost $ 225 each. This new line of titanium, called Titanium, will include four frame shapes: curved, thin, broken and thick. The exterior of the frames is gray, but there are four secondary color options for the interior of the frame. Google will also add three sunglasses options that will cost $ 150 each.

The true Glass hardware - which can display videos and project Internet content, such as emails, addresses, and sports scores on a small screen above the user's right eye - remains the same for now. The last update was made in October, when the team ensured that the design was modular and could be attached to the right hand side of the Titanium collection glasses frames.

It is not yet possible to quickly remove the Google Glass device from one mount to another, because the process requires removing a small screw. Although the task is quite simple, the system is not ideal for frequent changes of mount. It seems that Google hopes that people will feel so comfortable wearing their glasses that they don't have to choose between prescription glasses and Google Glass.


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