Nanotubes dampen vibrations

Nanotubes dampen vibrations

02/16: Nanotubes dampen vibrations

According to experts told UPI's Nano World, carbon tubes just a few nanometers wide could help absorb vibrations at high temperatures; Its possible use would be on pretty much anything from hum-free stereo speakers to spaceship parts.

"These nanocomposites have great potential for a wide variety of applications in aircraft, spacecraft, automobiles and even missile system sensors - in short, any structure exposed to vibrations," said researcher Nikhil Koratkar, a mechanical engineer at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. located in Troy, New York.

Carbon nanotubes are up to 100 times stronger than steel at 6 times less weight and have attracted much research as possible additives to increase the strength of composite materials. Instead, however, Koratkar and his colleagues have investigated whether nanotube fillers could dampen vibrations, a loss of energy that could otherwise damage fragile parts.


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