Aaaay my Genésio

Aaaay my Genésio

It had been a long time since I watched a soap opera, I saw Crystal, but I could no longer finish the Lady in rose when the phenomenon of soap operas arrived in Spain and I don't know why I was very caught with a call Old horse but since then I had never seen a soap opera again, I am more of an American series Game of Thrones, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy… they are some of my favorites of the moment.

The other day a friend told me about Avenue brazil a Brazilian production television series that has revolutionized not only Brazil and the lives of Brazilians but also other countries of the southern cone ...

The fact is that I was curious and I started to see it. Avenida Brasil is the story of a revenge. Carminha is the baddest bad, (I find it fascinating to see how the actress's face changes when she is evil) and she has married a widowed man Genésio, who is the father of Rita, another of the main protagonists of the series .

Carminha's plan is to steal everything Genésio has to flee later with her lover Max, but Rita discovers it and tells her father, then things go wrong a bit and the father ends up being run over by Typhon, another of the protagonists.

Carminha takes the opportunity to abandon the girl in a garbage dump and manages to end up married to the footballer, despite the fact that he has a girlfriend to whom Mona Lisa is engaged

Rita grows up with an obsession for revenge and in time she will look for the opportunity to do so ...

I will not tell you more because you have to see it even if you are not fans of soap operas, I think it will not become one of my favorite series but I find it very curious and the story attracts me, I want to know what happens

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