Colon cancer

Stage 3 Colon Cancer

Stage 3 Colon Cancer

What does stage 3 colon cancer mean?

A colon cancer is classified as stage 3 if it has penetrated the wall of the colon, into the abdominal cavity, has invaded the local lymph nodes, but cannot be detected elsewhere in the body.

How is stage 3 colon cancer treated?

Treatment for stage 3 colon cancer usually consists of surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and / or radiation. Normally, treatment usually requires two or more of these techniques, which increases the patient's chances of cure or prolong their survival.When assessing which treatment is the most appropriate, the doctor will take into account the individual circumstances of the patient. each patient, carefully weighing the benefits and potential risks.

What is the survival rate after a diagnosis of stage 3 colon cancer?

Stage 3 colon cancer is a curable cancer.
Depending on the characteristics of the cancer, 40-50% of patients are cured without evidence of cancer recurrence after treatment with surgery alone. Although, due to micrometastasis, approximately 50% of colon cancer patients who have been treated with surgery recur.
Cancer cells that cause micrometastasis cannot be detected with the tests that are currently available. Effective treatment is needed to remove micrometastases and improve cure rates.

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