Aries - Pisces

Aries - Pisces

Aries and Pisces. Fire + Water

An Aries and Pisces couple is a difficult combination with quite a few challenges, Because despite a strong initial attraction, there are important differences between these two signs, which will have to be overcome for a relationship to work in the long term. If they manage to form a stable relationship, it is likely to be an unusual relationship.

Aries fire can sometimes be extinguished by Pisces water, which can disturb the happy and fun side of your Aries partner. On the other hand, since Pisces represents the hidden and secret zone of Aries, there is much possibility of a secret lovers relationship or a forbidden love between the two signs.

Aries will try to change some Pisces traits, which are not very compatible with Aries, but you will have to do it with great tact. Aries is a very optimistic sign, while Pisces tends to be much more pessimistic and cautious. While Aries tends to judge others and put them in their place. A Pisces is much more tolerant of the flaws of others. He is also more sensitive and the strength and tactlessness of the Aries can hurt him.

Pisces caution may exasperate your Aries partner, who does not hesitate before taking steps and dares to do anything in order to move forward, progress and experience new situations. While Pisces meditates, Aries acts. Pisces considers this type of approach to life somewhat superficial, even irresponsible.

So for this relationship to work, it is imperative to accept your partner for who he is and not try to change him. If this is achieved, Pisces will be able to enrich the life of its Aries partner from a spiritual and generous point of view.

Sexual intercourse between Aries and Pisces they will be good if they are in love or have a lot of passion for each other. When the Pisces sign loves, it does so without conditions, and this will delight Aries because it is a very sensual sign.

See Aries and sex and Pisces and sex.

The Pisces with the greatest compatibility for this complicated combination are those who were born between March 1 and 11, while the Aries most compatible with Pisces are those who were born between April 11 and 19.

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